Beehive Inspections

June 30, July 11, and August 11 | Canceled

  • DATE : Canceled
  • DAY : June 30, July 11, and August 11
  • HEURE : 2:00 to 2:20 pm
  • DURÉE : 20 minutes
  • PUBLIC : For all
  • LANGUE : français, anglais
  • TARIF : included with admission

Beehive Inspections

Would you like to enjoy a guided tour of the gardens and have an opportunity to meet a professional apiarist?

To ensure the good health of our bees, a beekeeper from Alvéole inspects our beehives at various times throughout the season. We have set aside three Tuesdays on which you would have the opportunity to do so.

Simply come to the museum’s beehive at 2:00 p.m. Your horticultural guide will then meet you there for the French garden tour at 2:20 p.m.


Swarm Prevention: Tuesday, June 30

Swarm prevention is a crucial step in urban beekeeping. It is necessary to make sure that the colony has not produced queen cells. If it has, it is important to act quickly and use an advanced swarm management method to halt this occurrence.

Find the Queen: Tuesday, July 21

The colony grows rapidly at this time of the year. A thorough inspection of the beehive is necessary to ensure that the queen has enough space to lay eggs; that the colony’s resources are well-balanced; and that it has no intention to swarm. The queen must also be found.

Preparing for Honey Extraction: Tuesday, August 11

Adding the queen excluder is an important step in preparing for honey extraction. Four to eight weeks before the harvest, the queen must be found and sequestered in the bottom brood chamber by placing the queen excluder between the two chambers. A beekeeper must also know how to install the bee escape at the right moment, that is, seven days before the harvest!

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