Sundays, October 20 and 27

  • DAY : Sundays, October 20 and 27
  • HEURE : 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
  • PUBLIC : For all
  • LANGUE : français

The beggars are passing through town for a meal and for two afternoons of storytelling.

You will not want to miss the chance to meet these characters from Quebec’s rural past. The professional storytellers who embody them will provide you with unique entertainment.

These artists highlight an important aspect of Quebec culture. They spark the imagination and incite laughter. Their wordplay transports you to a magical world of fantasy.

The museum offers you a journey back in time where beliefs and traditions of another era are brought to mind. Come with family or friends and participate in one of the three activities. Young and young at heart will be captivated by our presenters’ performances.


Sunday, October 20ARRIVAL OF THE BEGGARSAccompanied by a musician, four wonderful storytellers enliven this experience with their amazing stories. Come listen to them as they prepare the curious “beggar’s soup.”Storytellers Marc-André Fortin, Éric Michaud, Francis Désilets and Lucie Bisson
Sunday, October 27THE DEPARTURE OF THE BEGGARSThree inventive storytellers accompanied by traditional music by Mia Lacroix, tell each other some great stories. Before they leave, delicious “beggar’s cake” will be prepared for you.Storytellers Francis Désilets, Marc-André Fortin and Lucie Brisson
Sunday, October 27 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.AT TOURBILLON’S TABLESit at the table with Tourbillon, the beggar, played by the very talented storyteller François Lavallée. The settlers would not have missed this occasion for anything when he stopped in the village. Take this opportunity to have a bite with Tourbillon as he shares his stories and reports news from his travels. Tickets must be purchassed in advance.Storyteller François Lavallée

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Select the date of your visit to find out who will be present:

Mia Lacroix

Musician and singer

Lucie Bisson

Storyteller – Traveller

Éric Michaud

Storyteller, gourmet presenter and king of liars

François Lavallée

Storyteller to the core

Marc-André Fortin

Author-composer-performer of folk-pop tales

Francis Désilets

Historian, storyteller and musician