From the Cellar to the Attic  Tour

Tuesday to Sunday | July 15 to August 29

  • DATE : July 15 to August 29
  • DAY : Tuesday to Sunday
  • HEURE : 1 pm, 3 pm (fr) / 2 pm, 4 pm (en)
  • DURÉE : 60 minutes
  • PUBLIC : 6 years and over
  • LANGUE : français, anglais
  • TARIF : included in the entrance fee

Discover everyday life in New France.

Discover our museum using our new digital experience.

You can now explore the house where the King’s Wards were welcomed at your own pace using your smartphone and your headphones. *

You have several options. Choose the video clips according to your interests and the time you wish to spend on your visit.

It is a nice way to learn about the people who lived in this old farmhouse over the past three centuries.

One activity for everyone
During your visit of the house, the character Joachim Crête candidly and with his unique language intervenes with historical anecdotes, the origins of common expressions and amusing facts.

Can you find my ancestor?
Joachim discovers modern objects and challenges your family to find their equivalents from his time.